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University of Copenhagen and the new Caleva Multi Lab

The Pharmaceutical Department of the University of Copenhagen have become the first Scandinavian institution to receive the new Caleva Multi Lab (CML). Combining this with their other recent purchase of the Caleva Mini Coater Drier (MCD-2) they can now demonstrate the 5 main processes of pharmaceutical pellet production in a practical setting for their international students.

University of Sussex - School of Life Sciences

Caleva were recently approached by members of the pharmaceutical department from the University of Sussex and asked for assistance on how best to demonstrate to their students the theories and practices of pharmaceutical pellet production.

New Research Paper


A visit of a senior academic from Thailand’s Chiang Mai University to Caleva Process Solutions

Caleva were indeed fortunate to have a visit from one of Thailand’s leading academics from Chiang Mai University .

Caleva at AAPS in San Diego November 2014

The small batch size of the sample (50g wet weight), the limited bench space required for a granulator, extruder and spheronizer were topics of interest for Dr Santander as well as other visitors to the stand of AC Compacting.

Caleva at Making Pharma 2014

Caleva Manages to “Mix It Up” at Making Pharma 2014