Caleva at Making Pharma 2014

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3 Feb 2015 in Exhibition

Dr Steve Robinson and David Ryan from Caleva at Making Pharma 2014

Caleva Manages to “Mix It Up” at Making Pharma 2014

You often hear children saying that they want to “Mix it up!” when they want to try something new. Well this is exactly what Caleva Process Solutions managed at the newest Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Exhibition at the NMM in Birmingham this week.

They showcased their latest solution in pellet production technology. The Caleva Multi Lab (CML) represents a step change in design concept for running small scale process viability tests for early stage pellet production formulations. It does not only dramatically reduce the cost of having the capacity of granulating, extruding and spheronizing very small batch sizes (15 – 50 grams), but as it manages to incorporate all of these processes into one “Bench Top” machine, it dramatically reduces the consumption of ever scarce and under demand laboratory space.

The interest that this machine has already generated in just two days will keep the Caleva sales team on the road for quite some time, but if you would like to take the opportunity of seeing the latest in pellet development technology, please contact Mr David Ryan, Caleva’s International Sales Manager on to see when the CML Roadshow is coming to a city near you!

The Caleva Multi Lab on Show at Making Pharma

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