Caleva Multi Lab at SATC Brazil

The installation and training went extremely well and SATC were very happy with both the installation and training and with the equipment itself. 


The Caleva Multi Lab had been directly recommended by the National Energy Technological Laboratory (NETL - part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) ( - the NETL also have a well regarded Caleva Multi Lab.

We worked through the established Caleva Training Programme with the CML and then related this to SATC's own products.  In addition to the researchers there were a group final year students that were also involved. Their enthusiasm and work-rate was a pleasure to be a part of.

A range of different formulations were considered and the final solution was well on the way to being the right one

The project is the development of zeolite pellets that will be used in a carbon dioxide extraction facility. The project is at a small batch size level - around 10 g of material.

The ultimate objective is to run a series of small-scale trials with rapid turnover to produce suitable pellets.  Once this is established then the next stage will be to run the same material through a pilot plant that is being constructed in a purpose-built facility.

The construction of the pilot plant is well underway and will require experimental batch sizes of about 200 kg of pellets.



The Project Manager is Dr. Thiago Aquino and it is hoped that Dr Aquino will have an opportunity to visit our laboratory in the UK and work with us for a few days using the Mixer Torque Rheometer.  

Interesting, was a discussion about the advantages of having a “variable density” capability with the extruder and Dr Steve Robinson recommended that the Caleva Variable Density Twin Screw Extruder was a very suitable machine for the next stage of this project.


Centro Tecnológico de Carvão Limpo – CTCL
Associação Beneficente da Indústria Carbonífera de Santa Catarina – SATC

By Dr Steve Robinson
30 Sep 2019 in Caleva installations training, CML, CATALYST

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