New Caleva Production Equipment Installed at Arolab in Strasbourg

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17 Apr 2014 in Caleva installations training

Production Extruder and Spheronizer installed at Contract Manufacturer Arolab in Strasbourg

Caleva Process Solutions have just completed the latest installation of their advanced extrusion and spheronization production equipment at one of Europe’s leading Nutraceutical contract manufacturing companies, Arolab, based in Strasbourg, France.

Mr Jean-Daniel Federlin, Arolab’s Managing Director and founder said “What really attracted me to the Caleva machines over the other options available was the ease of cleaning and flexibility of pellet size production. We regularly have to change our formulation throughout a day’s production to satisfy our customers’ needs. With our old screw style extruders this meant that we had to spend at least 1-2 hours cleaning in between batches. But now with the Caleva machines we can carry out a thorough cleaning process on both the extruder and spheronizer in less than 30 minutes. This means that not only are our labour costs lowered, but our production efficiency is greatly increased. I anticipate that I will see a return on these machines within 5 months of taking delivery.”

Through our tests we have compared the traditional twin screw style of extrusion against our unique screen styled extruder and have found a greater level of control of humidity of end product through a decreased level of product temperature variance at point of extrusion. This means that instead of there being a difference of up to 14 degrees Celsius from the product going into the extruder, we have managed to get this down to an average of between 1-2 degrees Celsius. This offers a far greater level of control of final product when spheronized and increases dramatically the yield of useable pellets which obviously translates to a real increase in revenue.

To discuss how Caleva can help reduce your production costs please contact please contact Mr Aaron Quinn at

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